Astra Pereux is an animatronic character created by Lunari64 on 8/31/16.


Astra is a humanoid animatronic, a very young girl. She has a peach plastic to imitate skin, faux short brown hair, and glassy blue eyes. Ahe wears what appears ro be a dark blue, knee length pleated skirt, and a fancy pine green top.


Though Astra's AI is not very complex, it does give her the seamblance of a mild-mannered, relaxed bot. She is less active than the other animatronics. Unlike the robots similar to her, Astra has no voice box, making her completely mute.


Astra was originally built for a different sister location of the infamous Freddy's. She was mads to appeal to younger, shyer children, or ones who just needed to relax. She was given her own room for this purpose, stocked with books and little toys. Astra was usually seated in the corner, keeping careful watch over the little ones. Her name earned her the nickname of A** among immature employees, something which stuck with her through the years. She stayed this way up until present day, fortunately untouched by the running curse among the chain of restaurants.