The Prologue Edit

A few years ago, a random stranger had was kidnapped and forced to complete on of Flumpty's games to become his 'friend'. He luckily survived and had became Flumpty's game, and as previously said in the rules, had became Flumpty's friend. However, this person asked Flumpty something smart, to try and have Flumpty and the gang be more.....cooperative with the world. As their bodies presently fashioned them to look like cartoons, the person asked if Flumpty could do something for him; Flumpty gladly accepted.

Then, they all put their minds together to create the best resturaunt on the face of the planet: Flumpty Dumpty's Egg-tacular Amusement Park, a large indoor amusement park with lots of entertainment and food for the likes of everyone, and quickly became successful and popular. However, one day, Flumpty's friend disappeared, and the amusement park began to crumble with economic struggles. Unfortunately, they did have to close business for a while.

However, now they are slowly beginning to pick up from their unpredictable disaster. And now, your characters are the ones that shall be one of those people, as they shall take night shift to make sure nothing unfortunate happens to the building at an unexpected time. However, your characters will unknowingly be going into something deeper, as their sanity shall be stripped of them as they solve an absolutely terrifying case at Flumpty's. Will your characters stand up to the perils, or will they tumble and fall to an uncertain demise?

Rules Edit

  • No sexual content (Hugging and kissing is permitted).
  • No swearing (You can say a few, but don't be swearing like a sailor).
  • No powers (Now that would just not make the horror fun)  :(.

Characters Edit

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Security Guards; Overnight Workers Edit

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Let The Horror Begin! Edit