I think you all know what an interactive story is. No need for me to explain. But I think the actions of the characters may determine whether it ends with a good ending (as far as horror stories go) or a bad ending.


Your character wakes up in an alley on a dark, foggy night. With no realisation, they do not know that this isn't their world. Creatures lurk around every corner, waiting for you. It is your decisions that will decide whether you will live....

OR DIE....

Included CharactersEdit

The StoryEdit

The night was calm as the air, filled with a thick moisture, surrounded the whole place. It seemed nothing could disturb this dark and uneasy night. But, unbeknownst to the city, two unlikely girls were sleeping in a very dirty part of an alleyway, unconscious. But, of course, the sour and horrid smell of the garbage surrounding them would eventually.

Kaori slowly opened her eyes, a strange pain pulsating through her body. After few minutes, the pain subsided and the girl sat up. She took a deep breath- which was probably not the best idea. When the stench of the nearby garbage hit Kaori, she immediately began to retch. Around her, waste and other noxious objects surrounded her. And if she looked up, she would see that the nighttime sky was surrounded by some kind of foggy fume, very similar to smoke.

Kaori slowly stood up, placing her hand over her nose and mouth. 'I've got to get somewhere safe,' she thought, hoping that there was a sort of safe haven in this nightmarish place. After firmly planting her feet, Kaori struggled to take a step forward. She stumbled forward until she reached Mia, who was still unconscious. Unsure what to do, Kaori stood over the hedgecat until she awoke.

The young hedgecat stirred, her eyes blinking a few times. Covering her mouth with one hand, she yawned tiredly.